Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Words—ain’t nothin’ like ‘em. Do you know the power of words? Would you like to get a hint at it?

“God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light” (Gen. 1:3). God set order to chaos with words. How much more powerful could a thing get? Words have the power to change.

Why do you write in your journal, for classes, for fun? What do you hope to achieve?

Why do you speak? I can’t think of a single instance when there is not some purpose for why a person speaks or writes—though I admit this may be a failing on my part, but I doubt that there is a time when there is no purpose. That purpose may not always be all that noble and great, but it’s still a purpose. Usually, that purpose is to teach your audience something new.

So, how often do you write? Maybe an hour or two each day. Maybe more if that’s your profession. How often do you speak? Probably a whole lot more than you write. With all of your writing and speaking, what do you teach your audience?
We find that, most of the time, it’s those beliefs we really care about that we argue most (whether it be who’s a better football team or who’s the better presidential candidate). So, how often do you argue for religious purposes?

There are many arguments that just seem to be beat to death, but we still argue them. Why is Twilight the most horrible travesty of literature ever made? Why are roommates the worst things ever? Why are women so complicated? Why are men so weird? Those arguments have been around forever, yet we still argue them, sometimes on a daily basis.

Yet when it comes to arguments about abortion or keeping God in schools, we’ve shut up. I understand we’re the land of tolerance. There are those who aren’t really going to appreciate it if you speak up and say, “Hey, there’s something wrong here.” But no one really liked it when God gave the commandments.

God: “Hey, here’s a bunch of rules I want you to follow. Do this or I’ll let you die in battle.”

Chosen People: “Mmm. Okay.”

Same case when Jesus came.

Jesus: “You’re a hypocrite.”

Stubborn Pharisee: “No, I’m not.”

Jesus: “Okay, ‘cause that changes facts.”

He spoke up against the Pharisees. Think they liked it? Think His speaking up went along with their peaceful lives? No chance. They killed Him for it. It’s our job as His followers to do the same. We speak up, use those powerful words, to change the world according to how God wants it to be. Why do we work so hard to follow God and then hide Him away and take Him out of schools?

You’re probably going to make a few enemies in standing up for what you believe in and doing God’s will, but isn’t it more important to be a servant of God than to be popular among sinners?

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